Please mark your calendars with our new wedding date and venue! May 22nd, 2021 at El Chorro in Paradise Valley, AZ. We cannot wait to celebrate with you!
Megan & Tyler




Wedding Party

Mariana Leon

Maid of Honor

SMU Accounting majors turned Best Friends and PwC Coworkers...Mariana and I have been inseparable since senior year of college. We completed our Master's of Accounting together and interned/worked at PwC as Tax Accountants on the same floor. Mariana is the life of the party and always down for any fun event (especially our wedding!). Mari adored Tyler the minute she met him! She is originally from Miami, FL and just moved to NYC in January of 2020. This is the first year Mari and I have been apart since meeting and we can't wait for all our trips to visit each other. I am so lucky and honored to have Mariana as my best friend & now Maid of Honor and I can't wait to have her stand by my side!

Kylee Bankofier


Kylee and I are high school best friends. AP classes, high school tennis and soccer brought us together and the rest is history! Kylee's trips to Dallas to visit me at SMU and my trips home to AZ for the holidays were the best memories. Kylee recently graduated from PA School at Toro in Henderson, NV and will be working in AZ. I am honored to stand in Kylee's wedding to her own high school sweetheart, Brooks, in May 2021.

Kate Barnes


I am so thankful for my study abroad trip to Orvieto, Italy because it led me to Kate! Kate and I instantly hit it off and had the time of our lives traveling Italy together. Kate and I also enrolled in "SMU-in-Taos" an outdoor adventure summer study program and laughed our way through hikes in the rain, horseback riding, and rock climbing. We love tackling all of life's adventures together! Kate now lives in Nashville, TN with her sweet Bernese Mountain Dog Wilder and works for a non-profit based in Colorado Springs.

Kristen Briggs


Kristen and I immediately hit it off during our Master's of Accounting at SMU. Kristen's easygoing, loyal, and positive personality drew me to her and we've created a lifelong friendship since. Tyler and Kristen are the sweetest of friends as well - look out for them getting low on the dance floor! Kristen now works for CIP Real Estate and lives in Newport Beach, CA. She's finally driving distance to Tyler and I in AZ and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Vanessa Eller


Vanessa and I met Sophomore year of high school (the year Vanessa moved from FL to AZ)! Tyler and I both loved Vanessa and her hilarious and loving spirit from the start. A night with Vanessa ensures you will laugh until you cry. Vanessa would do anything for Tyler and I and vice versa. She married her best friend Max in December 2019 and I was honored to be her bridesmaid! Vanessa and Max currently live in Tucson, AZ while Vanessa completes medical school at the University of Arizona (soon-to-be Dr. Eller!).

Allyson Friedman


Allyson and I have been best friends since we were teenagers! We grew up going to DC Ranch tennis lessons together and attended NDP High School together when Ally transferred junior year. Dance parties, workout dates and checking out the latest happy hour spots are our favorite things to do together. Ally attended TCU and we loved visiting each other throughout college, especially during Iron Skillet football games. Ally is now a RN in Scottsdale, AZ studying to be a Nurse Practitioner. We are lucky she lives just 10 minutes away from us - we couldn't be happier!

Rachel Madigan


Rachel and I met during our Master's of Accounting program at SMU. Our mutual love for the latest and greatest Dallas restaurant, spin and pilates classes and Highland Park window shopping glued us at the hip and formed the sweetest lifelong friendship. Rachel is originally from Little Rock, AR and currently lives in Dallas and works at KMPG as a Senior Audit Associate. She just got engaged to the incredible Charlie Velie, who Tyler and I also adore! Her love and support for Tyler and I since Day 1 always brings happy tears to all.

Jade Martinez


Jade and I first became friends during our high school tennis season - even though she was truly an All-Star volleyball player. We reconnected when Jade's job transferred her to Dallas, TX and we've been attached at the hip since! Jade is so lively, positive, and down to do anything, whether it's dinner, concerts, movies, happy hour, workouts, or shopping! Jade currently lives in Nashville, TN and works for Amazon. I am trying to convince her to move back to AZ!

Ryan Viscusi


Ryan and I met during my 1st semester at SMU. We immediately hit it off and she recruited me to rush Tri Delta - leading to us becoming Big and Little! We are a dynamic duo and love going on walks through HP, enjoying a margarita at Honor Bar, or meeting up for a hot yoga sculpt class at Core Power. Ryan is the closest thing I have to a big sister and I am so thankful for our forever friendship. Ryan married Matt Viscusi in December 2019, where I was honored to be a bridesmaid.

Bryan Johnson

Best Man

Bryan and I became close friends in high school and despite going to college on opposite sides of the country (UofA and GT), we were able to remain close. Bryan is the kind of friend that has your back no matter what. I was lucky enough to be his Best Man last July when he married the love of his life Amy! Bryan now lives in Newport Beach, CA and is a Director for CBRE. We are hoping to convince him to move back to the Valley soon! I am so excited to have Bryan stand by my side on our big day.

Tanner Wolf


I've known Tanner his whole life! It's awesome when life hands you a built-in best friend and I'm lucky to have him as mine. A perk about moving back to Arizona is being able to spend more time with him and his wonderful girlfriend Heather! One of the coolest things in my life has been watching Tanner, aka Cheech, grow into the man he is today! Tanner works for EnTrust Funding and if you are looking to refinance your mortgage, he is your man!

Matthew Shell


I met Matthew when he was still in middle school and he just graduated college this December from USC (Fight On)! Seeing his journey through school has been incredible and its been fun to help him here and there along the way. For a long time he has felt like a little brother to me and now he officially will be! Just another perk I get by marrying Megan! We are also honored to have Matthew's lovely girlfriend, Maddy, sing at our wedding!

Michael Hennessy


Michael and I met when we became Sig Ep pledge brothers at Georgia Tech. When I started at GT I didn't know a soul, but Michael and many of my other Sig Ep brothers became like family to me. Without friendships like Michael's I would not have survived the day to day stress of Engineering at GT. I was recently honored to be a groomsman in his wedding to his college sweetheart (and also our Sig Ep sweetheart) Ashley. You're bound to see these two tearing up the dance floor on April 17th! Michael and Ashley live in Austin, TX where Michael is pursuing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UT.

Kyle Kaschl


Kyle "Killer" Kaschl and I became friends in high school and have become even closer friends since then. If you're in need of a good pick me up, Kyle usually has a joke to put a smile on your face. Kyle is the best golfer I know and it's great to pick up the little tips and tricks he gives me when we play because I definitely need all the help I can get! Kyle lives in Phoenix, AZ and is the founding partner of WSKK Investments.

Connor O'Hare


I've been friends with Connor for a decade now and I'm lucky to have this awesome guy as my groomsman. Connor recently graduated from Medical School at UCSD and is currently in a residency program in Emergency Medicine at University of Michigan Hospital. In between taking incredible care of his patients he makes time for my medical questions; Megan and I owe him big time! Connor is one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know. Sorry ladies... Dr. McDreamy is taken by our favorite gal and one of Megan's closest friends, Sydney.

Tyler McShane


Tyler and I go way back, like way, way back. We used to cruise the playground together in pre-school with our other best bud Keenan (who is currently living in Australia). Ty and the McShanes have been my second family since I was a child. We've gone through most of life's big moments together and I'm ecstatic to have him standing next to me on our big day! I'm excited to be back in town to spend more time with my guy and his sweet girlfriend Sheyda. Tyler is a Real Estate Agent so hit him up if you're looking for a new house!

Will Scola


Will and I have known each other since the days of Desert Sun Elementary School. I have fond memories of us dominating kids in football and basketball at recess. Those were the days, but eventually we had to grow up and join the corporate world. Although we have gotten more mature over the years our competitive nature still lives on during Bemis Bowl games and fantasy football. Will is now engaged to our amazing friend Allie and I have the honor to be his groomsman this upcoming fall. Will works for McKesson and he is a founding partner of WSKK Investments. Great having Will and Allie down the street from us now that we're back in AZ!

Patrick Wolf


Patrick is my cousin, but for my whole life he has felt more like a brother to me. We are close in age and lived close enough to spend lots of time together over the years. In the summer of 2017 we took an incredible two week trip to Israel and Europe and I will never forget the fun we had together. Patrick graduated from USC in Accounting and remained in LA for a few years before recently moving home to Arizona. We are very excited for him to be home! Patrick works as a Corporate Controller for GoDigital Media group.
Nicole Barreto